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Couple Therapy Session

Marriage Counseling


Whether its recovery after an affair, strengths based building of communication skills, or help understanding the underlying issues behind conflicts that seemingly can't be resolved, marriage counseling can offer relief.  With training from some of the most nationally renowned marriage therapy trainers, I have been treating couple since 2000.  I am absolutely passionate about helping couples gain a new level of satisfaction in their marriages and develop the deep security that marriage was designed for.  I have a pro-marriage approach to therapy, believing that, most often, marriages can and should be restored. 

Marriage Assessments

I am trained by the Gottman Institute, which has remained the leader in marriage counseling for several decades.  As a trained provider, I am able to administer marriage assessments, which thoroughly explore all areas of the marriage,  These assessments provide a very accurate clinical picture of the marriage, and allow for the most effective strategies in treatment.  Couples complete the assessments individually, online.  A report is then generated and sent to your therapist, outlining many facets of the marriage.. .both strengths and areas of distress.  Not only does this evaluation provide a detailed explanation of each individual's perception of the marriage, but it, but also provides a vast amount of information about the marriage that might otherwise take weeks or months to ascertain, accelerating the progress of therapy. 

For couples who are interested in assessment and coaching only, assessments with a review consultation can be offered.  This option is for couples who are in a relatively stable place in their relationship, but wishing to identify patterns that may be problematic long-term, and take a proactive approach to avoiding distress.

Marriage Intensives

Often couples come to marriage counseling after a crisis has arisen.  One person or the other feels very anxious that the marriage is at stake.  Often times, the week between marriage counseling session is full of opportunities for upset.  During these periods, one hour a week of counseling is not enough time to stabilize the relationship.  Marriage intensives are 3 hour extended sessions, that allow for couples to get to further resolution of issues at a faster rate. 

Marriage counseling is not covered by insurance in most cases, but the investment in your marriage is one which will provide lasting dividends.  

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