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Advantages of Self-Pay

Enjoy the advantages of self-pay status:


  • Increased Confidentiality -   Insurance companies require clinical information be released to document the necessity of care.  Evidence of care and sometimes clinical information is seen by a number of insurance employees.  Self-pay clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the confidential information shared in therapy stays between them and the therapist.


  • Treatment Decided by the Therapist and You -  Though most clients don't want their insurance company deciding the course of treatment that will most effectively treat them.... it can happen.  For instance, some insurance companies allow only certain therapies for certain diagnosis codes.  EMDR, is the most evidence based, effective therapy tool I have ever experienced.  Though it is highly effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, chronic thought pattern, and emotional triggers, one prominent insurance company will not allow the therapy for those very conditions.  Self-pay arrangements allow the therapist (with the imput of the client) to determine the best and most effective treatments for getting relief.


  • Avoid a Mental Health Diagnosis- A mental health diagnosis MUST be given to each client for whom insurance is filed.  Such a diagnosis remains "out there" indefinitely.  At times, such a diagnosis can be used to deny life insurance policies, or can be used unfavorably in employment situations.  When multiple providers have been seen, it is common that individuals end up with a wide array of diagnosis attached to their "record."